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One Planet Pizza: Crafting Frozen Pizzas that are “Out of This World”

In the realm of plant-based gastronomy, One Planet Pizza emerges as a celestial force, crafting frozen pizzas that transport taste buds to new dimensions.

One Planet Pizza’s offerings are not just pizzas; they are culinary journeys into the heart of vegan indulgence. From wood-fired bases to melty vegan cheese, these pizzas are a testament to this manufacturer’s dedication to flavor—ensuring that every bite is a delightful explosion of taste. Unveiling a variety of toppings, One Planet Pizza presented pizzas that were a celebration of flavor first.

At the core of One Planet Pizza’s ethos is a steadfast commitment to being 100% vegan, a principle that underscores their unwavering dedication to creating plant-based products. From the inception of their journey, this commitment has been the guiding star, and it continues to illuminate their path into the future.

Sustainability is woven into the fabric of One Planet Pizza’s mission. Their pizzas invite consumers to slice their carbon footprint, presenting an eco-friendly alternative in the frozen aisle. They recognize the importance of treading lightly on the planet, and this commitment resonates with the growing community of environmentally conscious consumers.

Not only are One Planet Pizza’s creations a feast for the taste buds, but they also adhere to the principle of being healthier. With less fat, salt, and sugar than leading meat and dairy pizzas, One Planet Pizza prioritizes not just the pleasure of eating but the overall well-being of consumers.

At the expo, attendees had the opportunity to experience One Planet Pizza’s pizzas firsthand—crunchy, flavorful, melty, and satisfying. The diverse array of toppings showcased the versatility and innovation in the plant-based frozen pizza sector.

One Planet Pizza expressed a keen interest in connecting with buyers across all supermarket formats, recognizing the growing demand for plant-based options in both traditional retail settings and emerging concepts like grab-n-go establishments and universities.

The frozen aisle, especially the pizza category, is witnessing a surge in plant-based innovation, and One Planet Pizza stands at the forefront of this trend. Combining the global popularity of pizza with the convenience of a frozen meal ready in minutes, these creations have magnificent potential to reach consumers and impact their purchasing habits.

Ojah: Pioneering Extrusion Technology for Irresistible Plant-Based Alternatives

Hailing from the Netherlands, Ojah emerged as a global player at Plant Based World Expo Europe 2023, showcasing innovative solutions that are reshaping the landscape of plant-based protein. Ojah is at the forefront of driving the global protein transition while making meaningful contributions to climate, health, and animal welfare.

Ojah offers comprehensive solutions tailored to various sectors, including Retail & Private Label, Food Manufacturers, and Food Service. The company envisions a world abundant with high-quality plant-based alternatives for meat and fish, making them irresistibly tasty, widely available, and accessible to all.

At the heart of Ojah’s success is their unique High Moisture Extrusion technology (HME), a game-changer since the company’s establishment in 2009. This technology allows Ojah to create a protein fiber that sets their products apart, delivering a remarkable bite and taste. With the largest HME production facility in Europe, Ojah is well-prepared to meet the growing demand for plant-based alternatives globally.

For Ojah, the key to driving the global protein transition is ensuring that consumers do not have to make concessions when choosing plant-based. Sustainability is a cornerstone of Ojah’s ethos. The company exclusively works with non-GMO, European-certified soy that is naturally rich in protein and widely available. By avoiding ingredients of animal origin and allergens like gluten, nuts, or milk, Ojah prioritizes the creation of healthy and sustainable products with competitive prices and scalability.

At Plant Based World Expo Europe 2023, Ojah left an impression with a standout product—a delectably seasoned, breaded plant-based chicken tender that captured the essence of meat without compromising on taste or texture.

Ojah is eager to connect with buyers from all corners of the industry, emphasizing that they do not sell products directly to consumers. Instead, they seek partnerships with businesses looking to develop high-quality plant-based protein products. The company’s participation in the international pavilion representing the Netherlands underscores the global nature of the plant-based movement and the growing marketplace for these foods around the world.

Sheese Cheese: Elevating Dairy-Free Delight to New Heights

Bute Island, the purveyor of Sheese Cheese, is transforming dairy-free alternatives into a delectable and indulgent experience.

At Plant Based World Expo Europe, Bute Island showcased a highly meltable, flavorful cheese slice served in a grilled-cheese format—an evolution of the classic sandwich to new heights of deliciousness. This innovative take on a timeless favorite speaks to Bute Island’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of dairy-free alternatives.

Sheese Cheese offers an extensive range of dairy-free cheeses in various formats and applications, addressing a common concern that has lingered among those contemplating a shift away from dairy—the perceived absence of a decent alternative that truly captures the essence of cheese. With their award-winning vegan range, Sheese, Bute Island dismantles this misconception, assuring consumers that they no longer need to miss out on the joys of their favorite dairy products.

Rooted in a set of core values, Bute Island’s commitment to producing inclusive, ethically sourced, and dairy-free products shines through. Their offerings cater to a diverse audience, regardless of lifestyle choices, health concerns, or beliefs. The company’s ethos revolves around making dairy-free living accessible to everyone, supporting vegan diets and other animal-free lifestyles, all while upholding ethical food production processes.

Bute Island expressed interest in collaborating with buyers primarily in foodservice, extending their reach into the retail landscape as well. Their offerings are poised to make a significant impact in various culinary domains.

The journey of Bute Island, and particularly its Sheese brand, is a one that spans nearly five decades. The first rendition of Sheese, a cheddar-style soy-based cheese alternative, emerged in 1988. Experiencing the products at Plant Based World Europe 2023 is not just a taste of the present but a voyage through the roots of the industry, showcasing how far plant-based cheese ha evolved.

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Otherly: The Milk Chocolate We’ve Been Waiting For

London, November 21, 2023

Step into the fantastical world of Otherly, where oat milk takes center stage, and the celebration of individual quirks and oddities is not just encouraged but embraced.

At Plant Based World Expo Europe 2023, Otherly captivated attendees with their innovative Oatmilk Chocolate bars. These decadent treats, including a standout “cold brew coffee oatmilk chocolate,” opened the eyes of buyers seeking a packaged snack that delivers on indulgence.

Otherly believes in the beauty of the “Otherly” way—a not-so-normal way of doing things that makes them stand out from the crowd. It isn’t just about chocolate; it’s a mindset—a belief that differences and oddities should be celebrated. They bring this philosophy to life in a world filled with bespoke characters created by artist Tomi Um. Each character and distinct realm symbolizes the diverse ways people can embrace their “Otherly” side and celebrate what makes them different.

The Otherly booth at the expo wasn’t just a display of chocolate bars; it was an immersive experience. The packaging and stand artwork showcased uplifting, cartoonish scenes from across otherworldly realms, inviting everyone to discover their own “Otherly” side.

Already making waves in the United States with independent sales, Otherly is now keen on expanding its reach and connecting with international buyers. Their products are a particularly good fit for vending and convenience foods in a retail environment, a category seeing rising demand for plant-based offerings.

In a world filled with chocolate options, Otherly stands out not just for its delicious oat milk-infused creations but for the celebration of individuality and the invitation to embrace the extraordinary.

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Bring Home the Bacon with La Vie

La Vie bacon is arguably the closest to the real thing the market has yet to see.

Their mission is simple yet profound: to make people switch from animals to plants with a smile and some delicious, finger-licking goodness.

The problem, as La Vie sees it, is the environmental toll of intensive farming, contributing to 14.5% of total CO2 emissions, 27% of land use, and the distressing reality of 77 billion animals being processed in 2021 alone. The solution, for La Vie, lies in transitioning to plant-based meats.

Better for you, better for the planet, and better for the animals—La Vie’s plant-based meats are rich in protein, with fewer ingredients, significantly less saturated fat, and no nitrites or nitrates. In comparison to traditional meat production, La Vie’s plant-based approach boasts impressive reductions in CO2 emissions, water usage, and land use.

At Plant Based World Expo Europe 2023, La Vie introduced plant-based ham. Featured in a sandwich format with melted cheese, La Vie ham matches the quality and taste of their renowned bacon, showcasing the company’s commitment to expanding its product offerings.

Buyers across retail, foodservice, and distribution are urged to pay close attention to La Vie as they continue to innovate. This company is not just adding products to your offerings; they are transforming expectations and delivering mind-blowing indulgences that resonate with consumers.

La Vie has been a favorite at Plant Based World Expo Europe since its inception in 2021, receiving awards and recognition for its success year after year. Hailing from France, they have become one of the most game-changing players in the global plant-based food sector.

As La Vie invites everyone to jump on the plant-based train, it’s clear that this journey is not just about changing diets; it’s about revolutionizing the way we think about food and its impact on our health, the planet, and all living beings.


Fable Food Unveils Umami Magic at Plant Based World Expo Europe 2023

Fable Food offers an enchanting tale of real mushrooms masquerading as hearty meat. “Discover a real story with animals as characters, not dishes,” they invite, encapsulating their ethos.

Foraged from the Shiitake, Fable Food is a revelation in the plant-based realm, offering a genuine and surprisingly meaty experience. Their mission is clear: redefine plant-based options, making them not just a substitute for meat but a delightful culinary adventure.

The star of their showcase at the expo was the introduction of a spiced breakfast sausage to their lineup. Imagine the rich umami flavors of a traditional breakfast sausage, perfectly captured in a plant-based creation. Fable Food has surpassed the limitations often associated with meat-alternative products, presenting an innovation that tantalizes taste buds without a trace of artificiality.

What makes Fable Food stand out is their commitment to clean ingredients and nutrition. “It’s juicy. Meaty. Satisfying. Just don’t call this your regular plant-based meat, because it’s so much more than that,” they declare. Accompanying the breakfast sausage were a hamburger-style pattie and a pulled application that sizzled and crisps like brisket in the skillet.

Fable Food is seeking partners in the world of foodservice, particularly those from major chains across the United Kingdom and the United States. Their products, with a focus on clean eating and mindful consumption, represent a significant leap forward in meeting the demands of a growing consumer base.

In the competitive arena of plant-based innovation, Fable Food is not just keeping pace; they’re leading the way into a future where meat alternatives are not compromises but delicious, ethical choices. The excitement they generated at Plant Based World Expo Europe 2023 is a prelude to the impact Fable is poised to make in the world of plant-based gastronomy.

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Redefine Meat: Crafting a New Frontier for Plant-Based Meat

If there were a symbol in the dictionary next to the term “Plant-Based Meat 2.0,” the Redefine Meat logo would be it. This stand-out exhibitor from Plant Based World Expo Europe 2023 is on a whole new level when it comes to giving eaters the meaty taste they crave with none of the compromise, fully made of plants! Their commitment to creating a new kind of meat, one that delights both the palate and the conscience, echoes through their mission.

At the heart of Redefine Meat’s offerings are cuts that mimic the textures and flavors of beef, pork, lamb, mince, sausage, and bratwurst. The aim is clear: to provide a genuine meat experience without the environmental and ethical drawbacks associated with traditional meat production.

Their cutting-edge products, including the Plant-Based flank steak and burger, earned them a place as finalists in the Plant Based Taste Awards, competing in the burger and whole-cut categories. This recognition not only celebrates their culinary excellence but also marks a significant stride in the acceptance of plant-based alternatives in traditional meat categories.

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But what sets Redefine Meat apart is not just their products; it’s their philosophy. “At Redefine Meat, we love meat, I mean really love meat. And we believe the world deserves a new meat. A meat that is kind to both the environment and animals!” they declare. This love for meat translates into a meticulous study of its intricacies, enabling them to recreate the full culinary experience of traditional meat through innovative techniques.

Their approach involves plant-based tissue engineering, utilizing their patent-pending Meat Matrix Additive Manufacturing (MMAM) alongside other advanced technologies. This fusion of culinary passion and technological prowess results in a line of plant-based delicacies that surpass the boundaries of traditional expectations.

Redefine Meat is actively seeking connections with buyers across retail and foodservice channels. Their products, designed to cater to a diverse range of consumer preferences, are poised to make a significant impact on the market. Redefine Meat is not just reimagining meat; they are carving out a new culinary frontier.

As Plant Based World Expo Europe 2023 concludes, Redefine Meat emerges not only as an exhibitor but as a trailblazer, urging the world to redefine its relationship with meat, one plant-based bite at a time.