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Sons of Butchers: From Tradition to Transformation

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In a tale of culinary metamorphosis, Sons of Butchers emerged at the Plant Based World Expo Europe 2023 proving that a legacy rooted in meat can blossom into a vibrant future of plant-based innovation.

As fourth-generation master butchers and foodie masterminds, the Sons of Butchers are dismantling norms with their range of plant-based meats, bearing unique monikers like “cheatballs,” “bluff burgers,” and “trick’n strips.” Their ethos is clear: a life spent working in nature has transitioned seamlessly from herds to herbs, offering plant-based alternatives that boast the familiar flavors and textures loved by many, but with all the nutritional and environmental benefits of plants.

The Plant Based World Expo Europe became the stage for Sons of Butchers to showcase their ingenuity. Their towering breakfast sandwich, featuring the star of the show, “Switch’n Saussies,” took center stage in the Hosted Buyer Lounge each morning. This creation provided both vegans and meat enthusiasts alike with a breakfast experience that echoed the savory, flavorful notes of traditional breakfast sausage and bacon.

What sets Sons of Butchers apart is not just their products, but their origin story. Hailing from Ireland, a nation with a deep-rooted tradition of meat consumption, these trailblazers showcase that transformation is not only possible but can be deeply rooted in familial legacies. Their journey proves that a family tradition of supplying meat can authentically evolve, paving the way for a brighter future.

Sons of Butchers is seeking partnerships with large supermarkets, foodservice establishments, and wholesale distributors. Their products, designed to cater to diverse consumer preferences, offer an enticing proposition for those looking to elevate their plant-based offerings.

As the curtain falls on Plant Based World Expo Europe 2023, Sons of Butchers stands not just as exhibitors but as visionary ambassadors, proving that even the staunchest traditions can evolve into a plant-powered future.