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Otherly: The Milk Chocolate We’ve Been Waiting For

London, November 21, 2023

Step into the fantastical world of Otherly, where oat milk takes center stage, and the celebration of individual quirks and oddities is not just encouraged but embraced.

At Plant Based World Expo Europe 2023, Otherly captivated attendees with their innovative Oatmilk Chocolate bars. These decadent treats, including a standout “cold brew coffee oatmilk chocolate,” opened the eyes of buyers seeking a packaged snack that delivers on indulgence.

Otherly believes in the beauty of the “Otherly” way—a not-so-normal way of doing things that makes them stand out from the crowd. It isn’t just about chocolate; it’s a mindset—a belief that differences and oddities should be celebrated. They bring this philosophy to life in a world filled with bespoke characters created by artist Tomi Um. Each character and distinct realm symbolizes the diverse ways people can embrace their “Otherly” side and celebrate what makes them different.

The Otherly booth at the expo wasn’t just a display of chocolate bars; it was an immersive experience. The packaging and stand artwork showcased uplifting, cartoonish scenes from across otherworldly realms, inviting everyone to discover their own “Otherly” side.

Already making waves in the United States with independent sales, Otherly is now keen on expanding its reach and connecting with international buyers. Their products are a particularly good fit for vending and convenience foods in a retail environment, a category seeing rising demand for plant-based offerings.

In a world filled with chocolate options, Otherly stands out not just for its delicious oat milk-infused creations but for the celebration of individuality and the invitation to embrace the extraordinary.