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Redefine Meat: Crafting a New Frontier for Plant-Based Meat

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If there were a symbol in the dictionary next to the term “Plant-Based Meat 2.0,” the Redefine Meat logo would be it. This stand-out exhibitor from Plant Based World Expo Europe 2023 is on a whole new level when it comes to giving eaters the meaty taste they crave with none of the compromise, fully made of plants! Their commitment to creating a new kind of meat, one that delights both the palate and the conscience, echoes through their mission.

At the heart of Redefine Meat’s offerings are cuts that mimic the textures and flavors of beef, pork, lamb, mince, sausage, and bratwurst. The aim is clear: to provide a genuine meat experience without the environmental and ethical drawbacks associated with traditional meat production.

Their cutting-edge products, including the Plant-Based flank steak and burger, earned them a place as finalists in the Plant Based Taste Awards, competing in the burger and whole-cut categories. This recognition not only celebrates their culinary excellence but also marks a significant stride in the acceptance of plant-based alternatives in traditional meat categories.


But what sets Redefine Meat apart is not just their products; it’s their philosophy. “At Redefine Meat, we love meat, I mean really love meat. And we believe the world deserves a new meat. A meat that is kind to both the environment and animals!” they declare. This love for meat translates into a meticulous study of its intricacies, enabling them to recreate the full culinary experience of traditional meat through innovative techniques.

Their approach involves plant-based tissue engineering, utilizing their patent-pending Meat Matrix Additive Manufacturing (MMAM) alongside other advanced technologies. This fusion of culinary passion and technological prowess results in a line of plant-based delicacies that surpass the boundaries of traditional expectations.

Redefine Meat is actively seeking connections with buyers across retail and foodservice channels. Their products, designed to cater to a diverse range of consumer preferences, are poised to make a significant impact on the market. Redefine Meat is not just reimagining meat; they are carving out a new culinary frontier.

As Plant Based World Expo Europe 2023 concludes, Redefine Meat emerges not only as an exhibitor but as a trailblazer, urging the world to redefine its relationship with meat, one plant-based bite at a time.