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Exhibitor Spotlight: Harmless Harvest Brings Industry-Leading Beverages and Dairy Alternatives to Plant Based World Expo


Harmless Harvest is set to refresh and delight attendees at Plant Based World Expo North America with its pioneering plant-based beverages and dairy alternatives. As a company synonymous with high-quality, single-ingredient coconut water, Harmless Harvest has firmly established itself as a leader in the plant-based beverage marketplace. Yet, it’s their expansion into the dairy alternatives sector with their coconut yogurt line that’s currently capturing the spotlight.

Harmless HarvestSean Makau, Regional Account Manager, DSD & Alt. Channels at Harmless Harvest, shares his enthusiasm for the upcoming showcase: “Of course, our Coconut Water is our bread and butter, but we have our coconut yogurt that has taken off like hotcakes! It is a super clean ingredient list, with awesome texture, and taste. Our coconut yogurt is something we are very proud of, and we think that it has legs in the Foodservice and Retail space. It is also Upcycled Certified!”

The surge in demand for beverages and yogurts made from wholesome, plant-based ingredients is undeniable, with consumers increasingly seeking out healthy, sustainable options. Harmless Harvest’s offerings perfectly align with this shift, combining the natural goodness of coconuts with innovative processing to deliver products that are not only delicious but also ethically and sustainably produced. The company’s commitment to minimal processing ensures that the natural benefits of coconuts are preserved, offering consumers a genuinely wholesome plant-based alternative.

With an eye toward expanding their reach, Harmless Harvest is particularly excited about connecting with a diverse array of buyers and attendees at the expo. “Harmless Harvest has had a retail focus for most of its history, but we are now excited about introducing Foodservice/Away from Home accounts to our coconut water, smoothies, and yogurt. We think that Fast Casual, Universities, Corporate campuses, and convenience stores could be introduced to Harmless Harvest’s offerings and succeed,” explains Makau.

The expo presents an ideal platform for Harmless Harvest to further its mission of bringing sustainably sourced, plant-based nutrition to a wider audience. By showcasing their acclaimed coconut water and rapidly growing coconut yogurt line, Harmless Harvest aims to demonstrate the versatility and appeal of plant-based products to both retail and foodservice sectors.

As Plant Based World Expo North America approaches, buyers can look to companies like Harmless Harvest as category leaders, offering products that cater to both the discerning tastes and values of today’s consumers.


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