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Exhibitor Spotlight: Armored Fresh’s Brings Revolutionary Dairy-Free Cheese to Plant Based World Expo North America 2024

As Plant Based World Expo North America 2024 approaches, excitement builds around the innovative companies set to showcase their latest products at the Javits Center in New York City. Among these pioneering exhibitors is Armored Fresh, a company on a mission to redefine the landscape of dairy alternatives. With a focus on exceptional taste, meltability, and accessibility, Armored Fresh is poised to impress buyers with their groundbreaking zero-dairy cheeses.

Rudy Yoo, Founder and CEO of Armored Fresh, shares his enthusiasm for participating in this year’s expo, highlighting the company’s goal to make dairy-free cheese a staple in every household. “As a market leader in dairy alternatives, our mission is to make zero-dairy cheeses more commonplace through incredible taste and attractive price points so that we target every type of consumer, not just those who are plant-based,” Yoo states. The expo presents an opportunity for Armored Fresh to introduce their meticulously crafted products to a wider audience, challenging preconceived notions about the capabilities of plant-based cheeses.

“We’re excited to share several rich and melty products with attendees at Plant Based World Expo this year. All of our innovations are a testament to what dairy-free cheeses should taste, melt, and feel like,” Yoo remarks. The company’s confidence in their offerings is a beacon for buyers seeking the next big thing in the rapidly expanding plant-based market.

Armored Fresh is especially eager to connect with buyers across retail and foodservice channels, aiming to showcase the versatility and appeal of their products. Yoo reflects on the transformative power of firsthand experience, noting, “Our favorite thing to see at any show or sampling event is people’s first impressions of our cheeses. It’s exciting to see people’s faces light up when they taste our cheeses because they taste just like the real thing!” This enthusiasm for witnessing the initial reactions to their zero-dairy cheese underscores the company’s commitment to quality and inclusivity.

With a clear vision and innovative products, Armored Fresh is set to be a standout exhibitor at the Plant Based World Expo North America 2024. “We believe that tasting is believing, and seeing how shocked people are from just one bite is a truly amazing moment as a plant-based company”, Yoo concludes.

Buyers attending the show are in for a treat as they discover the delicious possibilities of plant-based cheeses, meats, beverages, snacks, desserts and so much more!

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