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Selecting the Right Plant-Based Cheese Option for Your Restaurant


The demand for plant-based cheese continues to grow, compelling restaurant owners to adapt and innovate. Understanding your menu goals and clientele is key to choosing between prepackaged products and homemade alternatives. Here are four stellar options, each with its unique benefits, to help elevate your plant-based offerings:

Homemade Cashew Parmesan

For a rustic, authentic touch to your dishes, homemade cashew parmesan is an unparalleled choice. Ideal for topping pasta and salads, this versatile option adds a rich, nutty flavor that compliments a wide range of dishes. The beauty of cashew parmesan lies in its simplicity and the control it offers in tailoring the taste to suit your specific menu needs. Start with the basics of graded cashews with garlic salt and nutritional yeast, and flavor from there to taste. It’s a fantastic way to introduce a homemade, artisanal element to your offerings, showcasing your commitment to quality and innovation.

Homemade Tofu Ricotta

Another excellent homemade option is tofu ricotta. Perfect for stuffing lasagna or spreading atop a vegan pizza, tofu ricotta offers a creamy, delicate texture and a subtle, versatile flavor profile. This option allows chefs to experiment and infuse various herbs and spices, creating a signature blend that can become a menu highlight. Tofu ricotta not only caters to the vegan demographic but also appeals to health-conscious customers looking for lighter, protein-rich alternatives.

NuMu Mozzarella

For restaurant owners focusing on pizza, NuMu Mozzarella presents an unbeatable prepackaged option. Designed specifically for foodservice, NuMu Mozzarella melts beautifully, closely mimicking the beloved characteristics of traditional mozzarella. Its performance under the broiler and on the pizza stone is impressive, making it a go-to for establishments aiming to perfect their plant-based pizza offerings without the hassle of homemade cheese preparation.


VioLife’s range of packaged products is a versatile choice for both retail and food service applications. Available in slices, shreds, and blocks, VioLife cheese is highly meltable and delicious, catering to a broad audience, including those with allergen sensitivities. Whether it’s adding a slice to a burger or incorporating shreds into a quesadilla, VioLife provides a convenient, consistent quality option that doesn’t compromise on taste or texture.

Whether opting for the artisanal appeal of homemade cheeses or the convenience and consistency of prepackaged options, the key is to select products that align with your values and culinary direction. By thoughtfully integrating plant-based cheese into your menu, you can attract a wider audience, enhance your offerings, and position your restaurant as a forward-thinking, inclusive dining destination.

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