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What are Foodservice and Retail Buyers Looking for at Plant Based World Expo Europe 2024?


Plant Based World Expo Europe, set to take place this November 13-14, 2024, at ExCel London, is drawing the attention of major foodservice and retail buyers from across the food industry, each looking to tap into the burgeoning plant-based sector. This article highlights three influential buyers set to attend the show and connect with exhibiting companies: KFF, a Sysco Company; Fresh Direct, also a Sysco Company; and Golden Acre Foods. Each buyer is in search of innovative plant-based products to enrich their extensive distribution networks.

KFF, a Sysco Company, stands as one of the UK’s largest regional wholesalers, supplying over 4,000 products to the hospitality sector in the South and Southeast of the UK. Their participation in the Expo signals an open door for plant-based product manufacturers looking to distribute their chilled, ambient, and frozen offerings through a vast network. KFF’s presence at the Expo offers a prime opportunity for brands to pitch their products directly to a buyer with the potential to catapult their distribution across a broad spectrum of the hospitality industry.

Fresh Direct, another arm of the Sysco family, has for over five decades fortified chefs and food service professionals with fresh and dairy products. With a reputation for excellence in fresh supply chains, Fresh Direct is scouting for the next big names in milk alternatives and plant-based fresh produce. Their focus is not just on innovation but on the quality that can support the growth of their clientele across restaurants, pub chains, and the healthcare and educational sectors. Fresh Direct’s search for fresh product and dairy alternatives underscores the expanding demand for high-quality, plant-based fresh foods in mainstream culinary applications.

Golden Acre Foods emerges as the UK’s leading supplier of World Foods, boasting an impressive portfolio that caters to major supermarkets, wholesalers, and foodservice customers across the UK and Ireland. Their sourcing prowess spans across Europe, bringing ambient, long-life yogurts, protein drinks, a range of halal cooked meats, and key ingredients such as pastry or frozen butter to thousands of customers. Golden Acre Foods is keen on discovering plant-based innovations in the frozen, chilled, and ambient categories that align with the global tastes and dietary needs of their diverse customer base.

For plant-based product manufacturers looking to make significant strides in the food industry, Plant Based World Expo Europe presents an unparalleled platform to showcase products to these major buyers. Engaging with KFF, Fresh Direct, and Golden Acre Foods among many other buyers attending the show could open doors to expansive distribution channels and influential partnerships.

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