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Veganuary 2024: Embrace the Challenge and Tap Into the Movement


Hello, fellow taste-makers and trailblazers! As we gear up for an exciting year ahead, there’s a flavor-packed opportunity knocking at your business’s door: Veganuary. This isn’t just about plant-based eats; it’s about seizing a golden chance to make your business thrive, not just in January but well into the future of our evolving food scene.

Embracing the Veganuary Wave

Veganuary isn’t your usual trend; it’s a movement that’s been gaining ground faster than a chef can chop onions. Millions worldwide are diving into a month of plant-based exploration every January. In its most basic sense, Veganuary challenges eaters across the world to sign up for the “challenge”. That challenge is to eat vegan for the entire month of January. What does this mean for food businesses? Well, it’s a guaranteed uptick in demand for plant-based offerings as diners everywhere seek delicious ways to complete their Veganuary challenge.

Boosting Revenue in January and Beyond

Picture this: your business taking center stage with irresistible plant-based deals and discounts throughout January. Create a visual feast in your store or restaurant showcasing the vibrant world of vegan delights. It’s not just about this month’s revenue boost; it’s about turning curious customers into longtime fans of your plant-powered creations.

If you are a retailer or foodservice establishment looking for specific recommendations on how to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Veganuary, check out the articles we published earlier this week:

So, as we kick off the New Year, don’t just see Veganuary as a blip on the culinary calendar. See it as your secret ingredient for success. Embrace the opportunity to cater to the growing tribe of plant-based enthusiasts, and in doing so, set your business on a path of delicious prosperity.

And, for those who are truly curious about the impact the Veganuary campaign has on eaters around the world, I challenge you one step further. Head on over to the Veganuary website to learn more and sign up to participate in the challenge yourself! First hand experience is always the best education, and I guarantee you that giving veganism a shot for the month of January will lead you to a new world of delicious foods and have you feeling great all at the same time.

As food industry professionals we have the responsibility of guiding the eating habits of people everywhere. By being a part of Veganuary, either as a personal challenge participant or a business embracing the increased demand for plant-based options; you’re stirring the pot of a more sustainable, compassionate, and downright tasty food future.

Ben Davis
Benjamin Davis oversees the programming for the world’s first and only fully plant-based trade expo and accompanying news site. Ben’s mission is to make delicious, natural foods accessible to everyone. He believes that diet and lifestyle are the keys to a balanced and prosperous future for all beings on Earth. Outside of his work in food, Ben is a music producer and performer under the stage name Vibe Street. Ben is determined to spend his life building community and celebrating this mysterious human experience to the fullest!