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Founder Friday: A GOOD HUMAN is Serving Up Homecooked, Whole-Food Grab N Go

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Kate Harvey, Founder and CEO of A GOOD HUMAN is on a mission to revolutionize the Grab N Go meal segment, Harvey’s company is not just serving up convenience but is deeply rooted in a story of personal transformation and dedication to fostering a healthier community.

A GOOD HUMAN’s vision is clear: to become the largest provider of whole food, Grab N Go meals in Florida. With offe
rings currently wowing customers and chefs alike in Earth Origin and Chamberlins markets, the company is on a promising path. Harvey’s approach is simple yet profoundly impactful: offering the warmth and nutrition of a home-cooked meal without the hassle of preparation. “Our meals are fresh and refrigerated, not frozen. The idea is to offer customers a good homecooked experience without needing to cook it themselves from scratch. All of our spices are sourced directly from Bombay, and you can taste the difference in high quality ingredients,” Harvey shares.

Among the diverse and delicious recipes that A GOOD HUMAN offers, three have emerged as bestsellers: Thai Noodles, Coconut Ramen Salad, and Falafel Nourish Bowl with Chickpea and Sweet Potato. Each dish exemplifies the company’s commitment to delivering meals that are not only convenient but are bursting with flavor from around the world and offering tremendous nutritional value.

Harvey’s journey to founding A GOOD HUMAN is deeply personal. Following her father’s passing due to diabetes complications — a fate she faced herself being diagnosed with the same disease — Harvey embarked on a transformative health journey. Encouraged by her son’s vegan lifestyle, she made a pivotal shift in her diet in 2018. The results were life-changing. “My skin, hair, weight, and overall health improved drastically,” Harvey recounts. This personal revelation ignited her passion for making whole food, plant-based eating accessible to others.

To further this mission, Harvey has initiated cooking classes in St. Petersburg, aiming to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools for plant-based eating. Participants not only learn how to prepare nutritious meals but also leave equipped with an essential kit for growing and cooking vegetables at home.

Through A GOOD HUMAN, Kate Harvey is not merely selling meals; she’s offering a gateway to a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. As customers and grocery store buyers alike seek out more wholesome, clean-label foods, A GOOD HUMAN stands as a beacon, demonstrating that flavor, convenience and nutrition can meet harmoniously… one grab N go meal at a time!