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Founder Friday: A GOOD HUMAN is Serving Up Homecooked, Whole-Food Grab N Go


Kate Harvey, Founder and CEO of A GOOD HUMAN is on a mission to revolutionize the Grab N Go meal segment, Harvey’s company is not just serving up convenience but is deeply rooted in a story of personal transformation and dedication to fostering a healthier community.

A GOOD HUMAN’s vision is clear: to become the largest provider of whole food, Grab N Go meals in Florida. With offe
rings currently wowing customers and chefs alike in Earth Origin and Chamberlins markets, the company is on a promising path. Harvey’s approach is simple yet profoundly impactful: offering the warmth and nutrition of a home-cooked meal without the hassle of preparation. “Our meals are fresh and refrigerated, not frozen. The idea is to offer customers a good homecooked experience without needing to cook it themselves from scratch. All of our spices are sourced directly from Bombay, and you can taste the difference in high quality ingredients,” Harvey shares.

Among the diverse and delicious recipes that A GOOD HUMAN offers, three have emerged as bestsellers: Thai Noodles, Coconut Ramen Salad, and Falafel Nourish Bowl with Chickpea and Sweet Potato. Each dish exemplifies the company’s commitment to delivering meals that are not only convenient but are bursting with flavor from around the world and offering tremendous nutritional value.

Harvey’s journey to founding A GOOD HUMAN is deeply personal. Following her father’s passing due to diabetes complications — a fate she faced herself being diagnosed with the same disease — Harvey embarked on a transformative health journey. Encouraged by her son’s vegan lifestyle, she made a pivotal shift in her diet in 2018. The results were life-changing. “My skin, hair, weight, and overall health improved drastically,” Harvey recounts. This personal revelation ignited her passion for making whole food, plant-based eating accessible to others.

To further this mission, Harvey has initiated cooking classes in St. Petersburg, aiming to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools for plant-based eating. Participants not only learn how to prepare nutritious meals but also leave equipped with an essential kit for growing and cooking vegetables at home.

Through A GOOD HUMAN, Kate Harvey is not merely selling meals; she’s offering a gateway to a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. As customers and grocery store buyers alike seek out more wholesome, clean-label foods, A GOOD HUMAN stands as a beacon, demonstrating that flavor, convenience and nutrition can meet harmoniously… one grab N go meal at a time!

Founder Friday: Ghost Town Oats is Elevating the Oat Milk Game

Ghost Town Oats is an emerging star revolutionizing the way baristas and coffee enthusiasts alike think about oat milk. Founded in 2020 by a dynamic team—Eric Grimm, Ezra Baker, and Michelle Johnson—Ghost Town Oats brings together 40 years of specialty coffee industry experience with a mission to create a product by baristas, for baristas. Launching initially in Chicago and Phoenix in 2022, this black and women-owned business quickly demonstrated its market resonance, selling out its first production run of 65,000 units in just six weeks—a timeline far exceeding the founders’ six-month projection.

A Powerful Launch

The company’s early success story is remarkable, with 1 million units sold in the first 10 months, propelling Ghost Town Oats to clear $1 million in revenue within its inaugural year. This achievement is attributed to leveraging powerful relationships within the coffee and barista community, underscoring the importance of genuine connections and a deep understanding of the industry’s needs.

Eric Grimm, Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer, explains the driving force behind their oat milk, “Over 1/2 of the milk served in coffee shops is alternative milk (non-dairy). As baristas ourselves, we saw the growth in demand for oat milk and felt we could provide a better product.” Ghost Town Oats is not just another alternative milk option; it’s a product designed with the barista’s needs and the coffee connoisseur’s palate in mind. Grimm adds, “There is a strong sense of community in the coffee industry, and we sought to infuse this interconnectedness into our product and company identity.”

A True Market Need

Addressing a significant market need, Ghost Town Oats taps into the conversation around lactose intolerance, which is notably higher in black and indigenous populations. “Only 33% of the population can actually tolerate lactose. This leaves 67% of the population in need of alternative options,” says Grimm. By focusing on this widespread audience, Ghost Town provides an authentic connection to a substantial market of coffee drinkers seeking a milk alternative that resonates with both their heritage and taste preferences.

Anticipated Growth Phases

With expansion plans already underway into New York and California, Ghost Town Oats aims to be available in coffee shops across all 48 contiguous states by the year’s end. Looking ahead, the company sets its sights on broader horizons, including expanding into other foodservice realms and, eventually, the retail market. As Ghost Town Oats continues to grow, it remains grounded in its mission-driven approach, reshaping the landscape of oat milk and the specialty coffee industry at large.

Luiza Villela of Unclassic Foods: Cultivating a Better Food System with Mushrooms

In the heart of the plant-based movement, where innovation meets passion and ethics, we find founders with stories as diverse as the products they create. Today, in the inaugural edition of “Founder Fridays,” we’re thrilled to spotlight Luiza Villela, the visionary force behind Unclassic Foods.

Background: From Meat-Loving Roots to Vegan Advocacy

Luiza’s journey into the realm of compassionate eating began when she traded the meat-heavy traditions of her Brazilian family for a vegetarian lifestyle. The pivotal moment came when she discovered the fate of dairy cows from a nearby farm. This revelation led her to UC Berkeley’s “Vegan Club,” where her understanding of the ethical implications of consuming animal products deepened.

Academic Exploration and Industry Experience

Luiza’s passion for food led her to the Meat Alternatives lab at UC Berkeley, where she immersed herself in the art and science of plant-based innovation and had the opportunity to work with vegan cheese pioneers, Miyoko’s. Her journey continued with roles at Eclipse Foods, Beyond Meat, and Simulate. Through these experiences, Luiza realized that merely mimicking meat was not enough to drive meaningful change.

A Question and an Answer

“In Brazil, the sense of urgency to stop eating meat is not there,” Luiza reflects. This insight led her to a critical question: “What can we build that people will see as superior rather than inferior?” The answer lay in the fungi kingdom, where Luiza realized that humans often have a passion, perhaps even obsession, for mushrooms and their many fantastical uses. This idea became the foundation for Unclassic Foods.

Unclassic Foods’ Vision

Unclassic Foods distinguishes itself by using oyster mushrooms not to imitate meat, but to offer a whole-food identity with meaty functionality and application. Luiza’s innovative products—oyster mushroom steak tips and nuggets—reflect this commitment. These frozen, ready-to-eat offerings provide a satisfying, meaty bite without compromising on taste or principles.

Looking Ahead: The Trend of Real Food for Meaty Satisfaction

Luiza Villela’s journey combines real-world experience with a passion for food that delights taste buds while contributing to a better world. The use of whole-food ingredients in applications that satisfy the desire for a meaty experience is a trend worth watching. As Unclassic Foods continues to grow, we eagerly anticipate the next chapters in Luiza’s story.

In the vast landscape of plant-based entrepreneurship, Luiza Villela stands as a testament to the power of blending culinary ingenuity with a commitment to ethical consumption. Unclassic Foods, under her guidance, exemplifies the potential for delicious solutions that resonate with both the palate and the planet.