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V-Label Awards Shortlist Revealed Featuring 45 Plant-Based Brands

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The 2023 International V-Label Awards shortlist has been announced, revealing the most innovative and impactful plant-based products from around the world.

“From upcycled mayonnaise to leather made from tea or olive waste and everything in between, the diverse range of plant-based products submitted to this year’s Awards proves yet again that the plant-based landscape is flourishing with innovation,” Nikolett Konkoly, Awards Program Manager at V-Label, commented.

The Awards recognize plant-based products in three categories: sustainability, innovation, and marketing & branding. The sustainability category rewards products that minimize their impact and carbon footprint, take an active stance on water conservation and waste management, and place high priority on sustainable sourcing.

Meanwhile, the innovation group honors products that push the boundaries of plant-based food and beverage development, thereby shaping the future of the sector. Entries were open to not-yet-licensed as well as launched products with the judging criteria centered around novelty value, technical complexity (embracing of newer technologies), and fiscal viability, amongst other considerations.

Finally, the marketing & branding category celebrates effective and groundbreaking communication techniques to transmit the benefits of plant-based products to consumers. Here, judges will be looking at brand image and messaging, design aesthetics, social media utilization, campaigns, transparency, and customer experience.

“To my delight, the marketing & branding category entrants featured a diverse mix [of brands] who are all making a tremendous impact in bringing plant-based products to a wider audience,” Abigail Stevens, Marketing Director at Plant Based World Expo Europe said in a press statement. “Their creativity, commitment to nurturing community, and passion was palpable. It was an honor to read them and be a part of the jury process.”

The 2023 shortlist includes a diverse range of brands including established players, challenger brands, and heritage favorites. Confirmed shortlist entries are:


  • 2CV by Bodegues Sumarroca
  • Cactus-based leather by DESSERTO
  • Almond Brownie by Farm Brothers
  • Fred’s Vegan Mayo by Fred’s Vegan
  • GROW Unmilky Flow range by Taucherli
  • F’sh Filet by Heura Foods
  • Burger and Ćevapčići by O’Plant
  • Olive waste-based leather by Oleatex
  • Meatless Bacon by Plenty Reasons
  • Proteína ReVeL by ReVeL Foods
  • Doc Loureiro 2022 and Doc Rose 2022 by Stilla Pura
  • PlantFish White Fillet by Unfished
  • Vegan Burger by Aivia
  • Complete dog food by VEGDOG
  • Veganer Streichgenuss and Vemondo Range by Lidl


  • Compleat Plant Protein 1.6 by Nestlé
  • Beef Flavoured Seasoning by Dasida
  • F’sh Fillet by Heura Foods
  • Fred’s Vegan Mayo by Fred’s Vegan
  • Bio Plant-Based No.1 by Goldblatt
  • Gourmet Vegan Mayonnaise by Grapoila
  • Pea Protein by Herbivore Protein
  • Almond Based Yogurt by Jooma
  • Lipid Care Probiotic Nourishing Cream by Lanbiotic
  • Oasis by Vegtus
  • Pineapple Mattress Ticking by Boyteks Tekstil
  • Plant Based Stripes (Bio Impressed Vegan Bacon) by Foodys
  • Leather Alternative Made from Tea Waste by WASTEA
  • Soft Blanc by Mondarella
  • chicken Filet Natur by Planted

Marketing & Branding:

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil by 8:26 Histories Charilaos Gounaras
  • Heura Foods Range
  • Goldblatt Range
  • Bio & Vegan Biscuits by Kambly
  • Meatless Cold Cuts by Plenty Reasons
  • MEGGLE Vegan Range
  • Milder Bio-Naturschnaps by Schladerer
  • Food For Future Range by Penny
  • Range Of Traditional Vegan Ready Meals by Surinver
  • Ritter Sport Vegan Range
  • TiNDLE Range
  • Plant Based Collagen Shampoo by Tresan The Earth
  • Vegan Coffee Pods by Natur All
  • Baguettes by You Vegan
  • Vemondo Range by Lidl

Amy Buxton