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Revolutionizing the Veggie Burger: Hearty, Whole-Food Patties for Your Frozen Aisle



As consumer preferences shift towards healthier and more sustainable eating habits, the frozen food section at grocery stores is seeing a significant transformation, particularly in the veggie burger category. Retail buyers are now poised to capitalize on this trend by stocking their freezers with a variety of veggie burgers that cater not only to vegans and vegetarians but also to the growing number of flexitarians seeking whole-food alternatives to traditional meat patties.

The following 4 companies are must-haves for grocery stores seeking to connect with this rapidly growing customer segment:

  • Praeger’s: One of the pioneers in this evolving market is Dr. Praeger’s, known for its array of frozen veggie burgers including the classic California Burger, the Crunchy Cauliflower Burger, the savory Black Bean Burger and Crunch Southwest Sweet Potato. These products appeal to health-conscious consumers looking for convenient, yet nutritious meal options that don’t compromise on taste or texture.
  • Hillary’s: Hillary’s takes the experience a step further with its unique offerings such as the Black Bean Burger, Root Veggie Burger, and the aptly named World’s Best Veggie Burger, along with creative twists such as Spicy Thai and Hemp & Greens. Each product is crafted to deliver a robust flavor profile while sticking to clean, allergen-free ingredients that cater to a wide range of dietary needs.
  • Actual Veggies: Emerging brand Actual Veggies has burst onto the scene on a mission to bring whole-food ingredients to the often-processed options in the frozen burger case. This company introduces a vibrant twist to the category with its visually appealing and hearty whole-food burgers. Their lineup features Sweet Potato, Black Bean, Super Greens, Purple Roots, and Mushroom Quinoa burgers. All options are characterized by their lack of added fillers and their commitment to showcasing the natural flavors and textures of real vegetables.
  • Atlantic Sea Farms: Atlantic Sea Farms diversifies the veggie burger scene with options that infuse ocean-inspired flavors into the mix. This women-owned business utilizes seaweed as a main ingredient. Their Basil Pesto and Ginger Sesame burger patties offer a fresh take on seafood alternatives, using sustainably sourced ingredients to deliver a culinary experience that resonates with environmentally conscious consumers.

The continued innovation within the veggie burger sector indicates a promising future for this category. Retailers that provide a comprehensive range of these wholesome, plant-based products will not only meet the current demand but will also attract a broader customer base, from dedicated vegans to curious flexitarians.