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Plant Based World Council Introductions: Vir Satyan

Vir Satyan, as a foundational member of the RangeMe team and the Head of Supplier Success, plays a pivotal role in the intersection of innovation, diversity, and sustainability within the retail space.

Satyan’s work involves a dynamic combination of passion and expertise, particularly in nurturing emerging companies and advocating for supplier diversity. He describes his experience, saying, “My journey started seeing the thousands and thousands of emerging brands that come through RangeMe every year and becoming aware of the resources they need to grow and succeed.”

His role is crucial in guiding these companies through the complexities of the market. “My role involves nurturing their excitement and enthusiasm while helping them navigate the struggles and challenges,” Satyan explains. This dedication aligns with a broader mission to streamline the process for buyers to discover products that are not only better for health but also champion diversity.

Speaking at Plant Based World Expo this past year in New York City, Vir highlighted a troubling, but crucial-to-recognize statistic. Only 2% of venture capital funding is directed towards women and minority owned businesses. It goes without saying that this is an unfair playing field. From this imbalance Vir draws inspiration to support these companies that are typically at a funding disadvantage to help them find their own unique path to success in the marketplace.

When analyzing data regarding certified diverse-owned companies within the RangeMe database, the prevalence of these profiles within the plant-based category is particularly notable to Satyan. “When we look at the founders of companies across RangeMe, there is more diversity in the plant-based category than other categories,” he observes.

Satyan brings his purpose-driven approach to his role at RangeMe to his seat on the Plant Based World Advisory Council. “My mission is to make it easier for buyers to find the products that are better-for-you and diverse.” His efforts are geared towards ensuring that emerging companies have the resources and support they need to thrive. Through his leadership, RangeMe has become a crucial platform for amplifying these voices, facilitating their discovery by retailers across the country and internationally.

Vir Satyan’s influence extends beyond the operational aspects of supplier success; he is a key advocate for a more inclusive, sustainable, and health-conscious marketplace. His work with RangeMe underscores the importance of supporting entrepreneurs of all backgrounds and will play a key role in advancing these efforts at Plant Based World Expo in 2024 and beyond.