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Plant Based World Council Introductions: Scott Swiger

Scott Swiger’s career in the foodservice industry is a narrative of bold innovation and forward-thinking strategies. As the Director of Business Development for JBH Advisory Group, Swiger brings his extensive experience and a knack for pioneering new concepts in foodservice operations.

A seasoned veteran, Swiger’s journey in the industry is marked by a series of progressive roles. Before joining JBH, he served as the VP of Culinary Excellence for Spectra, where his innovative spirit led to the creation of award-winning concepts like Top Chef Quickfire. His efforts have not gone unnoticed, earning recognition as an industry Power Player by Sports Business Journal and featuring on Food Management’s One on One Podcast discussing plant-based menu innovation.

Swiger’s approach to his work is daring yet calculated, often balancing the fine line between risk and reward. He candidly shares, “My role has always centered around innovation. I would often say ‘This idea is either going to get me fired or be terrific.'” This mindset led his team at Spectra to break new ground by introducing Impossible Foods into a stadium environment and bringing plant-based foods into NASCAR — a move that, despite initial skepticism, turned out to be a resounding success.

In 2020, Swiger transitioned to the consulting side with JBH, a firm that acts as a ‘microchip’ behind the scenes for large foodservice contractors. His role involves not just advising but actively shaping the future of foodservice operations. His perspective is particularly relevant as product manufacturers look to foodservice channels for growth outside the traditional retail avenues. At the same time, foodservice operators worldwide are adding plant-based options to menus to both cater to consumer demand while reaching their sustainability targets. Swiger’s work sits at the nexus of this abundant opportunity for new ideas and collaboration.

“I am excited to continue to be a part of the Council group and provide insights from the foodservice realm”, Swiger remarks.

As a speaker at multiple past Plant Based World Expo’s in New York City, Scott and his team at JBH have presented on the operational challenges of adoption plant-based menus and offered actionable solutions for buyers across the foodservice landscape. His journey is a testament to the impact that one can make in foodservice through a willingness to champion novel concepts and challenge the status quo, with a focus on building lasting partnerships. Stay tuned for more from Scott and his team as we dive deeper into the foodservice conversation here on Pulse in the coming months!