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Plant Based World Council Introductions: Master Chef James Corwell

In the world of culinary arts, few names resonate with the same breadth of respect and admiration as James Corwell. His journey, spanning over four decades, is not just a tale of culinary excellence but a testament to his transformative vision for the future of food. As a Certified Master Chef (CMC), James has not only reached the pinnacle of culinary achievement in the United States but has also been a vanguard in the plant-based food revolution.

James Corwell’s career encompasses working with some of the world’s culinary elite. This appreciation for traditions is evident in his approach: “My enthusiasm was always driven by craftsmanship rooted in history and the awareness that we can now cook and eat en masse as only kings and queens once ate.”

However, a pivotal moment in Japan altered his trajectory. Witnessing the sheer volume of tuna auctioned at the Tsukiji fish market, he realized the unsustainable pressure on our oceans. He recalls, “I immediately thought ‘that’s so much tuna, how can the oceans keep up?’ And the answer is, they can’t.” This epiphany led him to a profound decision: “I said no, never again,” and pivoted towards plant-based seafood, founding Ocean Hugger Foods in 2011.

At Ocean Hugger Foods, James pioneered the creation of “Ahimi”, a plant-based tuna alternative made from tomatoes and utilizing only 5 simple ingredients. His innovations in the plant-based seafood space have been pivotal in shaping the industry, bringing delicious and simple alternatives to traditional, beloved ocean-based foods.

Currently, through his company BlueDot Foods and through James Corwell Consulting, he continues to be a driving force in developing sustainable and affordable plant-based products. His expertise extends beyond the kitchen into areas such as the history of culinary arts and food culture, and he is a strong advocate for conscious capitalism.

James Corwell’s vision for the future is clear: he sees plant-based products as essential for enabling our earth and its inhabitants to live sustainably and thrive. His journey from a traditional chef to a champion of the plant-based movement encapsulates a remarkable evolution, driven by an unwavering commitment to our planet’s health and a deep-rooted love for culinary artistry. As he looks ahead, Chef Corwell stands as a beacon of innovation and sustainability in the culinary world, inspiring others to join in the creation of a thriving, plant-based future.