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Plant Based World Council Introductions: David Meyer

David Meyer’s journey in the realm of animal protection and plant-based innovation is as diverse as it is impactful. As the CEO of Food System Innovations and a long-time advocate for animal welfare, Meyer’s career is a testament to his commitment to creating sustainable, ethical solutions that benefit a wide array of stakeholders.

Meyer’s entry into the world of animal protection and plant-based advocacy dates back to the 1980s. “I’ve been working in animal welfare/animal rights advocacy since the 1980’s and have been vegan since then as well,” he shares. His vegan journey began during his time as a student at UCLA, influenced by information from PETA. Initially concerned about maintaining his health without meat, Meyer decided to experiment with a plant-based diet. The outcome was more than satisfactory – “I found out I’ve been pretty healthy!” he exclaims. “I am a multiple-time Brazilian jiu-jitsu world champion, and the current world champion in my age class,” he states proudly. His prowess in martial arts is a living testament to the health benefits of a plant-based diet, challenging common misconceptions about strength and nutrition.

His accomplishments in the realm of animal welfare are vast. Meyer co-founded and ran for 22 years, transforming it into the world’s largest nonprofit homeless pet adoption website. His leadership and strategic partnerships helped significantly reduce the number of animals killed in shelters. Moreover, his efforts extended to various initiatives, including leading animal rescue operations post-Katrina and participating in legislative advocacy to protect companion animals.

In his current role, Meyer is dedicated to evolving the food system through plant-based solutions. “I am passionate about creating solutions to evolve our food system and believe we need all the hands we can get,” he asserts. His work involves advising numerous non-profits and for-profits in the plant-based space, leveraging his extensive experience to foster innovation and growth.

David Meyer’s story is a powerful blend of advocacy, athleticism, and leadership. His multifaceted career, from animal welfare champion to martial arts master, highlights the potential of plant-based living not just for personal health but as a solution for broader environmental and ethical challenges. As a role model for plant-based eating and an advocate for change, Meyer continues to inspire and lead in the quest for a more humane and sustainable food system.