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Mushrooms Gain Momentum: UK Production Facility to be First of Its Kind

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The European food market is currently witnessing a significant trend with mushrooms taking center stage. MYCO Holdings, a plant-based food manufacturer, has recently moved into a new product development site in North Yorkshire, marking a considerable step in mushroom-based food production. They plan to transform a former food manufacturing plant into the UK’s first vertically farmed production unit. This development is expected to create about 70 jobs in a 20,000 square foot facility.

Mushrooms are increasingly becoming a staple in the plant-based diet, known for their nutritional value, versatility, and meaty texture without the need for excessive processing. Manufacturers across the planet are incorporating mushrooms in various forms throughout the food and beverage categories. From functional powders to shredded or whole cut “meats” and everything in between, mushrooms are entering the limelight in nearly every aisle of the grocery store.

MYCO’s transition to a new product development site marks a significant milestone. By transforming a former food plant into the UK’s first vertically farmed production unit, they’re pioneering a more sustainable approach to food manufacturing with mushroom-based production as its core designed purpose.

John Shepherd, co-founder and chairman of MYCO, emphasizes the unique potential of this venture: “This new site is a food industry first, combining the growing of raw materials and manufacturing of the finished product under one roof, paving the way for more sustainable practices in the future.” MYCO’s plant-based protein, made from oyster mushrooms, has already garnered interest from major names in the food industry​​.

David Wood, CEO of MYCO, articulates the company’s mission: “Our goal isn’t to turn the world into vegans but to encourage meat-eaters to eat more sustainable plant-based products.”

In a broader context, the European plant-based market is undergoing significant expansion and innovation. Institutional foodservice operators, including schools, corporate campuses, and healthcare facilities, are adopting plant-based products due to their nutritional benefits and appeal to a wide range of eating preferences. Other mushroom-based products such as Fable Foods – a company making mouth watering meats out of barley-processed, wild foraged shiitake mushrooms – have already gained momentum in the UK market. This will be a trend to keep an eye on for years to come.