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Plant Based World Council Introductions: Julie Mann

Julie Mann is a distinguished figure in the realm of plant-based nutrition and innovation. Her journey is a testament to the profound impact one individual can have on the food industry, driven by a deep-seated passion for compassionate and sustainable living.

“My personal passion and professional journey is deeply rooted in love for food science, new product development (and adoption) and human connection to food,” Mann articulates, reflecting on her career at The Hershey Company. This experience laid the foundation for her enduring commitment to transforming the way we think about and engage with food.

After two decades at Hershey, her ambition to deepen her impact led her to seek a broader understanding of the entire supply chain. “While 20 years at Hershey provided much experience in finished products, I desired to prioritize plant-based ingredients and transform the ingredient space,” she says. This pivot was more than a career move; it was a step towards realizing her vision for a more health-conscious world.

Her role at Ingredion emerged as a pivotal chapter, offering her the opportunity to spearhead a plant-based program from scratch. Today, as the Principal at Appropriately Rogue Consulting, Mann leverages her comprehensive experience across multiple sectors. She combines her prowess in innovation, product development, and strategic branding to guide companies in the burgeoning fields of upcycling and sustainable food practices.

Her influence extends far beyond her professional accomplishments. Her passion for innovation is matched by her commitment to empathy, people, communication, and transparency. She embodies the principle that more can be achieved together, building teams united by a shared vision for change.

Julie has been a speaker and advisor to Plant Based World since it launched in 2019, underscoring her commitment to supporting the plant-based landscape. In her current role with Appropriately Rogue, she is seeking to connect and collaborate with projects that truly embody the values of a better, healthier food system.