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Exhibitor Spotlight: Wanted Vegan: Bringing Ukrainian Innovation to Plant Based World Europe 2024

Over the coming months we will be showcasing the game-changing companies to be found on the expo floor at Plant Based World Expo this fall.

First up is Wanted Vegan, coming to Plant Based World Expo Europe at ExCel London, Nov 13-14, 2024. Founded in 2020, this Ukrainian pioneer in plant-based alternatives has swiftly become a household name in its native market, known for its wide array of products that promise no compromise on taste or texture. From meat, chicken, and fish substitutes to an assortment of sauces, Wanted Vegan is on a mission to revolutionize the culinary landscape, making delicious and ethical food choices accessible to all.

“We are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to showcase our latest plant-based innovations at the Plant Based World Expo in 2024”, says Roman Kvashenko, Founder and CEO of Wanted Vegan. “Our lineup, including plant-based versions of tuna, salmon, shrimps, and fish fingers, exemplifies our commitment to innovation in the plant-based sector. We’re also preparing some exclusive surprise products for the expo, developed by our R&D department.”

Culinary excellence is a crucial ingredient for Wanted Vegan. Kvashenko adds, “We are working  with a renowned Ukrainian chef on great food combinations to showcase the culinary potential of our products. It’s a prime opportunity to highlight the quality and innovation that define our brand.”

Kvashenko elaborates on the company’s goals to meet both retail and foodservice buyers at Plant Based World Expo, “Our focus is on establishing connections with distributors affiliated with supermarket chains and food service providers across the UK and globally. The expo serves as an ideal platform for expanding our distribution network and introducing our innovative plant-based products to a wider audience. We’re seeking partnerships with entities that align with our vision of making plant-based options more accessible and appealing to consumers worldwide.”

As Wanted Vegan gears up for Plant Based World Europe 2024, it’s clear that the company is not just participating as an exhibitor but as a leader in the global plant-based marketplace. If you are a buyer interested in connecting with Wanted Vegan, reach out to Viktor Kvashenko, Brand Manager at [email protected].