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Diverse Fine Food Looks to Plant Based World Expo Europe 2024

Plant Based World Expo Europe 2024 is set to welcome a diverse array of buyers, each with their unique agenda and expectations. Among them is Diverse Fine Food, a company known for its discerning taste and commitment to quality in the ambient retail packaged product sector. Director Mark Wiltshire shares insights into what they are seeking at the expo, offering valuable advice for companies looking to stand out and secure a spot in Diverse Fine Food’s esteemed product lineup.

 “At Plant Based World in 2024, we are mostly looking for ambient retail packaged products that we can take to our range of customers in the Retail and Hotel sectors,” Mark explains. This focus underscores the growing consumer interest in high-quality, conveniently packaged plant-based products that cater to the evolving lifestyles of today’s consumers. Diverse Fine Food’s emphasis on ambient products highlights a strategic move to meet this demand head-on, providing options that blend seamlessly into the retail and hospitality landscapes.

When asked about the type of products Diverse Fine Food is interested in, Mark’s response encapsulates the company’s broad and inclusive approach: “We are looking for both to be honest.” This openness to both established products with distribution capacity and new innovations soon to hit the market illustrates Diverse Fine Food’s dual role as a purveyor of trusted brands and a launchpad for groundbreaking new entries. Their readiness to offer 3PL storage solutions further positions them as a supportive partner for brands at every stage of their journey.

The Key to Standing Out: Packaging, Quality, and Story

For companies eager to catch the eye of Diverse Fine Food, Mark offers clear and straightforward advice. “Firstly, products need to have great packaging and branding that makes them stand out on the shelf.” In a market increasingly saturated with options, the visual appeal of a product can be the deciding factor for consumers making quick decisions.

However, striking packaging must be matched with substance. “This then needs to be backed up with quality in terms of taste and ingredients,” Mark continues. Beyond the first impression, the lasting impact of a product comes from its ability to deliver on the promises made by its packaging.

Lastly, the story behind the brand plays a pivotal role. “It’s about the story behind the brand,” Mark emphasizes. Diverse Fine Food values the narrative that accompanies a product, recognizing that the connection formed through storytelling can significantly enhance a brand’s appeal.

As Diverse Fine Food prepares to explore the offerings at Plant Based World Expo Europe 2024, their approach provides valuable lessons for brands aiming to make an impact in the plant-based sector. Excellence in packaging, uncompromising quality, and a compelling brand story are the cornerstones of success in this competitive market. For companies looking to distinguish themselves, understanding and aligning with these criteria could very well be the key to unlocking new opportunities with discerning buyers like Diverse Fine Food.