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Cargill and ENOUGH Partner to Advance Plant-Based Protein Production

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Cargill and ENOUGH are deepening their partnership to meet the rising consumer demand for sustainable protein options.

Cargill, a global leader in the food industry, is further investing in ENOUGH, a food tech leader known for its pioneering technology in protein production. Through its Series C growth funding campaign, Cargill is not only investing financially but also committing to use and market ENOUGH’s fermented protein. This partnership underscores a shared vision for a future where plant-based alternatives are not only accessible but also integral to global food consumption.

ENOUGH’s signature product, ABUNDA® mycoprotein, is at the forefront of this revolution. Produced through a zero-waste fermentation process similar to that used in brewing beer or making yogurt, ABUNDA® is a testament to the potential of sustainable food technology. It offers a complete food ingredient rich in essential amino acids and dietary fiber, promising a substantial impact on the plant-based food industry with its meat-like texture and nutritional profile.

Belgin Kose, Managing Director at Cargill Meat and Dairy Alternatives, emphasizes the importance of this partnership: “Mycoprotein is an emerging ingredient with a disruptive role to play due to its many benefits including a meat-like texture, protein profile, scalability, and sustainability.” This collaboration between Cargill and ENOUGH represents a concerted effort to nourish the world in a responsible and sustainable manner, offering consumers alternative and traditional protein sources that align with their values and dietary preferences.

The strategic partnership is already bearing fruit with the establishment of ENOUGH’s 160,000 square foot production facility in Sas van Gent, The Netherlands, co-located alongside a Cargill facility. This synergy allows for a unique collaboration that leverages Cargill’s global footprint and feedstock technology expertise, enabling ENOUGH to scale up its operations in Europe and beyond rapidly.

Jim Laird, CEO of ENOUGH, highlights the potential of this expanded partnership: “The alternative protein market is a multi-billion-dollar opportunity, and efficiency will come from collaboration with partners such as Cargill.” With plans to produce over one million tons of ABUNDA® cumulatively by 2033, ENOUGH is set on transforming the protein landscape, supported by Cargill’s extensive experience in scaling new technologies.

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