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Whole Cut Plant-Based Meats are the Next Trend in Retail and Foodservice

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The plant-based food industry is on the brink of a new wave with the rise of whole-cut meats, projected to be the next significant trend. This evolution addresses consumer demands for less processed, premium plant-based products that mimic traditional meat in taste and texture. Retail and foodservice buyers should watch companies like Redefine Meat, Meati, Mooji Meats, Juicy Marbles and Umiami, among others. These innovative manufacturers are at the forefront of creating convincing whole-cut alternatives, poised to capture the market by meeting the need for healthier, sustainable food options that don’t compromise on the culinary experience.

Redefine Meat
Redefine Meat specializes in high-quality plant-based meat alternatives, using advanced 3D printing technology to create products that replicate the texture and flavor of traditional meats. Their offerings cater to both foodservice and retail sectors, aiming to provide an authentic meat experience without the environmental impact.

Meati focuses on mushroom-based whole-cut meats, leveraging the nutritional benefits of fungi. They offer breaded and grilled chicken-style cutlets and beef-style filets. Their products are designed to offer a clean-label alternative to highly processed plant-based meats, appealing to health-conscious consumers looking for simple, wholesome ingredients. Meati’s products can already be found in leading grocery stores such as Whole Foods and Sprouts.

Mooji Meats
Mooji Meats produces a plant-based rib-eye steak that combines innovation from Harvard scientists with a keen eye on the world of fine dining. Mooji’s mission is to provide an experience that equals the “same luxury as real rib-eyes, all while being health-and environmentally-conscious and non-GMO.”

Juicy Marbles
Juicy Marbles is making waves with its plant-based whole-cut steaks, even offering a bone-in option with a “bone” made of soy protein. This company mimics the marbling and tenderness of high-quality beef, offering a gourmet experience without animal products. Their approach emphasizes flavor and texture, making them a favorite among consumers seeking indulgent yet sustainable food options.

Umiami leverages a unique process called “Umisation” to produce whole-cut plant-based chicken breasts and fish filets that closely replicate the texture and juiciness of their animal counterparts. Their technology focuses on the reproduction of “animal fibers”, without the animal of course, to attract customers seeking a real meat-like experience. Umiami’s has exhibited at Plant Based World Expo since it’s inception in 2021, demonstrating itself as a pioneering leader of this emerging trend.

As the demand for plant-based foods continues to grow, these companies are leading the charge in transforming how consumers perceive and enjoy meat alternatives. Their advancements not only promise to deliver on taste and texture but also align with the increasing consumer desire for sustainable and health-conscious food options. For buyers in retail and foodservice, keeping an eye on these pioneers can provide a competitive edge and align product offerings with the future of food innovation.