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VBites: Pioneering Plant-Based Foods from the UK to L.A.


VBites, the brainchild of world champion skier and renowned plant-based advocate Heather Mills, stood out as a premier exhibitor at the Vegan Women Summit in Los Angeles last week. Mills not only presented the closing keynote discussion but also took a hands-on approach, personally carrying samples around the event to connect with eager attendees. The company’s mission to introduce its diverse range of plant-based cheeses, meats, and fish alternatives to the North American market was met with enthusiasm and excitement.

VBites, one of the longest-standing manufacturers of plant-based foods in Europe, is making significant strides in expanding its reach to the United States. Heather Mills, who delivered the keynote speech at the inaugural Plant Based World Expo in London in 2021, shared her personal health journey and the inspiration behind developing a comprehensive line of wellness-focused products. From plant-based meats and cheeses to fish-free omega-3 supplements, VBites is committed to promoting a healthier lifestyle through innovative plant-based solutions.

Mills’ dedication to plant-based living stems from her own transformative health experiences. Her passion and determination led her to create a company that not only meets the growing demand for plant-based alternatives but also prioritizes sustainability and nutrition. “Eighty percent of global warming comes from livestock and deforestation”, Mills’ explains. To combat this imbalance, she has developed an extensive range of products. The company’s newest release: MycoFlora VBites is developed using a mushroom-based mycoprotein with an enhanced sustainability profile.

At the Vegan Women Summit, VBites sampled a variety of their products, including plant-based cheeses that mimic the taste and texture of dairy along with savory meat and fish  alternatives. Attendees were impressed by the quality and flavor of the offerings, making VBites a standout exhibitor at the event. The company’s hands-on approach, with Mills personally engaging with attendees, further solidified VBites’ commitment to spreading the benefits of plant-based eating.

For food industry buyers in retail and foodservice, VBites presents an opportunity to tap into a market that is rapidly growing and evolving. With a proven track record in Europe and a clear vision for expansion in North America, VBites is positioned to be a key player in the plant-based food sector. The company’s diverse and extensive product line caters to a wide range of dietary preferences and needs, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to expand their plant-based offerings.