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The Global Growth of Plant-Based Meats: Planted’s Expansion to the UAE

Planted, Europe’s fastest-growing alternative protein startup has officially launched its plant-based meat products in the UAE’s foodservice sector. This move is set to revolutionize the region’s dining landscape, making high-quality, nutritious, and sustainable plant-based meat more accessible to consumers. 

Planted’s entry into the UAE market comes at a time when the demand for plant-based alternatives is on the rise. The brand’s products are now featured on the menus of select restaurants, with future plans to include hotel chains. This expansion aims to cater to a growing segment of consumers who are increasingly conscious of their dietary choices and their environmental impact.

PlantedThe Swiss brand, known for its commitment to producing plant-based meats using only natural ingredients and no additives, has partnered with key players in the UAE’s HORECA (Hotel/Restaurant/Café) market. Current partners include homegrown restaurant brands like Nabati and Pizza Di Rocco, as well as Grandiose Supermarket. These partnerships are crucial for Planted’s strategy to introduce its products to a wide audience and integrate them seamlessly into various culinary traditions. 

Nabati, a multi-cuisine vegan restaurant, has incorporated Planted’s products into popular dishes like Chicken Caesar Salad and Chicken Alfredo, while Pizza Di Rocco has added the plant-based meat to its Vegan Tikka Pizza. Grandiose Supermarket will soon offer a variety of meals featuring Planted’s products, such as Plant-based Chicken Shawarma Wrap and Plant-based BBQ Chicken Pizza, providing consumers with convenient and delicious plant-based options. 

Planted’s co-founder and executive board member, Pascal Bieri, emphasizes the brand’s mission to transform meat consumption patterns in the Middle East. By introducing plant-based meats that do not compromise on taste or culinary versatility, Planted aims to encourage meat-eaters to explore and embrace plant proteins. This strategic move aligns with the broader global trend towards more sustainable eating habits and the growing awareness of the environmental and health impacts of traditional meat consumption. 

“Our exclusive distribution partnership enables us to access important foodservice markets in the UAE and Middle East region and effectively plan future scaling. We are positive about the growth potential for plant-based protein in the Middle East and aim to radically alter the way in which meat is perceived, produced and consumed in the region, while inspiring meat eaters to gradually shift towards eating plant proteins with no sacrifice in terms of taste or usage” said Pascal Bieri.   

The UAE market, known for its diverse culinary scene and openness to innovation, presents a significant opportunity for Planted. The brand’s distinctive focus on taste, environmental protection, health, and animal welfare resonates with the evolving consumer preferences in the region. Planted plans to further expand its presence in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) by the end of 2024, aiming to capture a significant market share and enhance brand awareness. 

Planted’s innovative approach and commitment to quality have positioned it as a leader in the plant-based meat industry. Its expansion into the UAE is a testament to the global shift towards sustainable food practices. As more consumers and businesses recognize the benefits of plant-based alternatives, the future of the food industry looks increasingly green and promising. 

For food industry professionals, Planted’s successful entry into the UAE market is a powerful reminder of the potential and profitability of embracing sustainable, plant-based products. As the industry evolves, staying ahead of consumer trends and aligning with global sustainability goals will be key to thriving in this dynamic landscape.