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Make Your Store a Destination for Plant-Based Summer Barbecues (Part 1)


Summer barbecues offer a perfect opportunity for retail buyers to stock up on innovative and delicious plant-based products. With a variety of choices that cater to the classic American summer cookout, your store can become the go-to destination for customers seeking to enjoy a plant-based barbecue experience. This two-part article will first focus on center-of-the-plate meats, with part two covering buns, condiments, and sides.

Center of the Plate: Plant-Based Meats
The centerpiece of any summer barbecue is the grilled meat, and the plant-based market has stepped up to offer some fantastic alternatives. Here are some standout options from leading brands that are sure to please both plant-based enthusiasts and traditional meat lovers alike.

Impossible Foods

Impossible Burgers: Known for their realistic taste and texture, Impossible Burgers have become a staple in the plant-based meat category. These burgers are designed to replicate the juicy, meaty flavor of beef burgers. They grill up beautifully, making them a perfect addition to any summer cookout.

Impossible Hot Dogs: New to the market, Impossible Hot Dogs offer a plant-based take on a classic barbecue favorite. They provide the familiar snap and taste of traditional hot dogs without the meat, making them an ideal option for grilling.

Impossible Nuggets: While typically thought of as a kid-friendly option, Impossible Nuggets can be a fun and versatile addition to the grill. They can be skewered with vegetables or served as a crispy side dish.

Beyond Meat

Beyond Burgers: Beyond Meat has recently updated their burger formula to include avocado oil, which enhances the juiciness and nutritional profile of their burgers. These plant-based patties offer a rich, beef-like flavor and texture, perfect for grilling.

Beyond Bratwursts: These plant-based bratwursts are ideal for those looking to replicate the taste and experience of traditional bratwurst sausages. They grill up with a satisfying sizzle and are perfect for serving with classic barbecue toppings.

Big Mountain Foods

Feta Brats: For a lighter yet still meaty option, Big Mountain Foods offers Feta Brats. Made with pea protein and seasoned with herbs and spices, these brats provide a unique twist on the classic sausage without any gluten or soy-based ingredients.

Lions Mane Burgers: These burgers incorporate lion’s mane mushrooms for a meaty texture and savory flavor. They are a great option for those looking to enjoy a hearty, plant-based burger that is also packed with nutrients.


Steaks and Cutlets: Meati is a newer player in the plant-based meat market, utilizing fungi-based mycelium as a main ingredient for producing a juicy, meat-like experience. Their grilled and breaded cutlets as well as steak filets are perfect for grilling up. Encourage customers to serve them on a bun or at the center of the plate protein to satisfy vegan and meat-eating cookout guests alike.

Classic Veggie Burgers

Actual Veggies: Known for their colorful and hearty veggie burgers, Actual Veggies offers a range of options that are both filling and nutritious. Their burgers are made with whole vegetables and grains, providing a wholesome alternative to meat.

Hillary’s: Hillary’s veggie burgers are made with simple, recognizable ingredients. They offer a hearty bite and come in various flavors, making them a versatile option for any barbecue. 

Looking Ahead: Part 2
Stay tuned for part two of this series, where we will dive into the essential accouterments that make a barbecue complete. From buns and condiments to sides and beverages, we’ll cover everything you need to ensure your customers stay in your store for all their cookout needs. Enhancing your product offerings with these innovative and delicious options will not only cater to the growing plant-based market but also give you the best chance to capture bigger baskets from your shoppers all summer long.