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Looking to Plant Based World Expos in 2024: The Showcase for Global Plant-Based Protein Innovation

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The year 2024 is set to be a landmark for plant-based protein innovation, a trend that will be vividly showcased at the upcoming Plant Based World Expos in New York and London. These events will serve as a global stage for the latest trends and products in the rapidly evolving plant-based protein sector.

These plant-based protein trends for 2024, highlighted in a recent article by Glanbia Nutritionals, point to continued expansion of the alternative protein sector across generations and product formats.

Rising Plant-Based Diets Among Children

A pivotal trend is the increasing incorporation of plant-based meats and dairy in children’s diets. Globally, nearly 29% of parents have increased the amount of plant-based foods in their children’s diets over the past year. The trend is particularly strong in Asia, with significant percentages in India, China, and Indonesia. This growing interest creates opportunities for new plant-based meals and protein snacks tailored for younger consumers, marking a shift in how families approach plant-based eating.

Nutrient-Enriched Plant-Based Dairy Alternatives

One of the most significant trends in plant-based proteins is the evolution of dairy alternatives. Gone are the days when these products were chosen solely for taste or environmental reasons. Today, they are increasingly fortified with essential nutrients. According to Glanbia Nutritionals, vitamin and mineral fortification is the fastest-growing claim in plant-based dairy, recording an 88.3% compound annual growth rate globally. Alongside, fiber and protein claims are also rising significantly. This shift towards nutrient-enriched options is transforming plant-based dairy into a more nutritious and appealing choice for consumers.

Innovations in Plant-Based Egg Alternatives

Plant-based eggs are emerging as one of the fastest-growing segments in the plant-based protein market, especially in the United States. With a staggering 483% growth over four years, these products are rapidly gaining popularity. The market is seeing an influx of innovative alternatives, including plant-based egg patties and scrambles, with efforts to closely mimic the texture and taste of whole eggs.

Witness the Innovation Firsthand

Plant Based World Expos in New York and London will be pivotal for those looking to experience these global trends firsthand. These events will showcase a diverse range of innovative plant-based protein products, from nutrient-rich dairy alternatives to kid-friendly meals and cutting-edge egg substitutes. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to taste, explore, and understand the future of plant-based proteins.