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Health Is the New Wealth



Greetings, marketplace game changers! It’s your trusted guide, Benjamin Davis, here to delve into the fascinating world and business of plant-based cuisine. Today, we’re exploring a profound shift that’s taking place in the food industry—a shift towards health and mindfulness.

If you’ve been keeping your finger on the pulse of the plant-based food scene, you’ve likely noticed a remarkable transformation. It’s not merely a passing trend; it’s a movement—an awakening to the power of conscious eating that’s reshaping how we view food.

The Mindful Bite

We’ve long understood the critical link between our diets and our well-being. However, a new player has entered the arena: mindfulness. This is no ordinary wellness fad; it’s a paradigm shift in how we relate to our food.

This concept was amplified in September at Plant Based World Expo North America in New York City, where the theme of “mindful innovation” was front and center. Mindfulness and innovation expert, author Matt Mueller, presented a dynamic opening keynote on the topic and inspired deeper thought into how mindfulness intersects with the plant-based food marketplace.

Mindfulness isn’t about esoteric practices or abstract concepts. It’s about the simple act of being fully present. When we eat this means savoring each bite, and appreciating the nourishment that sustains us. It’s about recognizing the profound implications of our dietary choices for our bodies and the planet.

This mindful revolution isn’t confined to our dining tables; it’s permeating the corporate world as well. Companies are awakening to the transformative potential of mindfulness in the workplace. By fostering a culture of well-being and presence, they’re empowering their employees to perform at their peak.


Innovation Meets Mindfulness

Now, let’s draw the connections. As health-conscious consumers increasingly seek cleaner, more nourishing options, they’re driving demand for plant-based products that align with their values. This is where innovation comes into play.

Forward-thinking companies are seizing the opportunity to incorporate mindfulness into their innovation processes. By cultivating a deep understanding of what health-conscious consumers truly desire, these companies are crafting plant-based masterpieces that not only tantalize the taste buds but also nourish the body.


A Practical Step Forward

So, how can businesses embody health and mindfulness in their innovation efforts? Here’s a practical step: the weekly team meditation. Imagine this—a group exercise where your team envisions themselves as a health-conscious shopper walking into a grocery store.

Feel the emotions, the aspirations, and the experiences of this character. As they walk up to the shelf and approach your company’s product, what is going through their head. What excites them about your packaging, about your ingredient list? What concerns them? Be brutally honest here, it is essential to witness yourself from all angles, even when you are not perfect. This is the essence of mindfulness. Witnessing yourself and evaluating for the sake of self-awareness rather than criticism creates massive space for growth and improvement.

Allow these insights to guide your team towards a profound understanding of what this customer truly needs and how your products can serve them better.

A Delicious and Mindful Future

As we stand at the precipice of a food system revolution, it’s clear that health is the new wealth. Mindfulness, both in our personal lives and corporate endeavors, is driving a profound shift in the way we approach food. The opportunity has never been greater for companies that dare to innovate mindfully, offering delectable, world-changing foods that resonate with an ever-growing audience of health-conscious eaters.


Ben Davis
Benjamin Davis oversees the programming for the world’s first and only fully plant-based trade expo and accompanying news site. Ben’s mission is to make delicious, natural foods accessible to everyone. He believes that diet and lifestyle are the keys to a balanced and prosperous future for all beings on Earth. Outside of his work in food, Ben is a music producer and performer under the stage name Vibe Street. Ben is determined to spend his life building community and celebrating this mysterious human experience to the fullest!