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Health and Nutrition Claims


Today, if you buy a food or drink product that claims to be ‘good for you,’ or is ‘high in’ or a ‘source of’ a particular nutrient, you can rest assured that it has been backed up. In the UK, this hasn’t always been guaranteed, and it’s still not a universal reality worldwide.

Since the implementation of the pioneering regulation, (EC) No.1924/2006, in 2007, the EU and UK have closely regulated health and nutritional claims. The regulation makes sure that any product boasting such claims would have to meet clear criteria stated on the pack.

Following Brexit, the UK has also taken measures to ensure the same standards are met, with manufacturers now reporting their due diligence to the Great Britain nutrition and health claims register.

While such guidelines have brought huge improvements in providing responsible communication to the consumer, it is not without its challenges. This is particularly true for products containing nutrients that are unstable during processing and shelf-life, as many vitamins are susceptible to degradation from heat, UV light, and even low pH.

Even if a brand can prove the correct amount was added during manufacturing, if it is not there in the correct quantity at the end of shelf life then they are misleading the consumer and are in breach of the regulation.

Most brands do not wish to fall foul of these regulations, as they pose a risk of losing consumer loyalty and trust, brand integrity, and reputation.

Companies, when confronted with this issue, often add more of the susceptible nutrients than indicated on packaging, assuming that the right amount will be retained by the time it reaches the consumer. However, this is not an effective workaround – increasing costs, while also posing a risk of excessive nutrient levels, which is not permitted.

Thankfully, as we continue to make strides in the development of innovative solutions, we can now prevent the vitamins from being degraded in the first place. Products such as Morro™ Nutri use unique encapsulation technology to protect valuable nutrients from external factors such as pasteurisation, UV light, and low pH.

Morro Nutri microscopic capsules are natural, of food-grade quality, and made from plant protein meaning they are digested and released in the intestine where they are absorbed.

Navigating regulations can be complicated for most brands, but Morro Nutri makes it simple. The rewards reaped in the end make it a win-win for both manufacturers and consumers.

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