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Global Movie Nights: A Catalyst for Plant-Based Market Growth


Kim Anderson, founder of the world’s largest plant-based restaurant, Plant City, is leading the charge towards a healthier planet through her new initiative: Global Movie Nights.

Films have the unique power to inform, inspire, and instigate change. Recognizing this, Global Movie Nights was born—a monthly event encouraging people worldwide to watch films that highlight the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. This initiative taps into the power of storytelling to shape public opinion and dietary habits.

The project’s worldwide launch on February 5th was a success, spreading to dozens of countries around the world with a rapidly growing community of participants.

Kim Anderson succinctly captures the essence of how this movement impacts the business of plant-based foods: “This is how we create the marketplace”. Her belief is that to expand the plant-based food market, we must first cultivate a desire for change. Films are often the catalyst for this transformation, making Global Movie Nights not just an event, but a movement towards increasing demand for plant-based products.

By connecting viewers with stories that champion plant-based living, Global Movie Nights serves as a bridge between awareness and action. Each film shown has the potential to convert curiosity into conviction for a targeted audience of viewers. The project’s launch featured the film “The Gamechangers” which speaks to a younger demographic seeking to improve athletic performance and recovery. The next edition features “Forks Over Knives”, a film on long-term health and the prevention of chronic illness.

For businesses within the plant-based food industry, this initiative represents a golden opportunity. The growing interest fueled by Global Movie Nights translates into a broader customer base eager for sustainable food options. By supporting and promoting these events, businesses can not only contribute to a healthier planet but also thrive in an expanding market.

Join the Movement

The next Global Movie Night is set for March 4th, featuring the influential film Forks Over Knives. This event presents a prime opportunity for businesses to engage with the community and for individuals to become ambassadors of change by hosting movie nights. By spreading the word and participating in this global initiative, we can collectively drive the shift towards sustainable eating habits.