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Exhibitor Spotlight: Stockeld Prepares to Redefine Plant-Based Dairy at Plant Based World Expo North America 2024

Stockeld Dreamery, a pioneering company in the plant-based dairy sector, is set to make a significant impact at the Plant Based World Expo North America 2024, held at the Javits Center in New York City. This year, Stockeld will be showcasing an array of products that promise to redefine plant-based dairy. We spoke with Sorosh Tavakoli, Founder of Stockeld, to get an inside look at what attendees can expect from their booth and their journey since expanding into the US market.

A Year of Growth and Innovation

Reflecting on their journey, Tavakoli shared, “Plant Based World Expo was the first show we did in the US after having expanded our business here last year. We had no distribution and were just introducing ourselves to the market.” This initial introduction has clearly paid off, as Stockeld has since made significant strides in the US market. “This year, things are different as we’ve made a significant impact on the market counting hundreds of operators as customers and the product being available through many food service distributors (ACE Natural, PFG, Sysco etc.). This year, I’m also really excited that we have our retail products ready to go!” Tavakoli added.

Showcasing Groundbreaking Products

At the Expo, Stockeld will be sampling their Cultured Cream Cheese, a product that has already gained acclaim in some of the world’s best bagel shops, including Essa Bagel, Shelsky’s, Kossar’s, Apollo Bagels, and Zaro’s. Made with fermented chickpeas and lentils, this cream cheese is a testament to Stockeld’s commitment to innovation and quality.

In February, Stockeld launched their Cultured Cheddar Slices in the food service sector. Tavakoli is particularly excited about this product, noting its unique properties: “The product is quite different from what else is on the market. After 4 years of R&D we’ve been able to launch a fermented high protein cheese that melts faster than anything else we’ve found and that brings a more authentic flavor.” These cheddar slices are now a staple at popular NYC burger joints like Gotham Burger, 5 Napkin, SMASHED, Neat Burger, and Bronx Brewery. Tavakoli emphasized, “In a category that has consistently overpromised and underdelivered, we are excited to show what is possible and change the perception of ‘vegan cheese’.”

Building Connections and Partnerships

Stockeld are eager to connect with a diverse range of buyers and attendees at the Expo. Tavakoli highlighted their goals: “We will be at the show to meet our friends in the community and to make new ones!” He mentioned that they are particularly focusing on the food service sector, spending more time with schools and colleges and universities (C&U). Additionally, Stockeld is in the process of setting up their first retail partnerships with distributors and retailers, marking a significant expansion in their market reach.

Looking Ahead

With their innovative products and commitment to quality, Stockeld is poised to make a lasting impression on the plant-based market. Their presence at the Expo not only showcases their growth and success but also highlights the evolving landscape of plant-based dairy alternatives. As Tavakoli succinctly put it, “We are excited to show what is possible and change the perception of ‘vegan cheese’.”

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience Stockeld’s groundbreaking plant-based dairy products at the Javits Center. Visit their booth to taste their Cultured Cream Cheese and Cultured Cheddar Slices, and discover why Stockeld is a name to watch in the plant-based dairy revolution.

For buyers interested in connecting with Stockeld in advance of the show, contact Enara Roy, Brand Marketing Manager, at [email protected].