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Exhibitor Spotlight: Novo Farina Brings Game-Changing Pea Protein to Plant Based World Expo Europe 2024


This October, Novo Farina is set to be a standout exhibitor at the upcoming Plant Based World Expo Europe, scheduled for October 13-14 at the ExCel center in London. As the sole UK manufacturer of Textured Pea Protein, Novo Farina brings unique and innovative plant-based solutions to the forefront of the food industry.

Ellie Grubb, Marketing Manager at Novo Farina, shares her enthusiasm about participating in this key industry event. “We’re most excited about showcasing our recently developed products, Quick Hydrate Pea Mince and Medium Hydrate Pea Protein Chunk. They represent a revolution in production and are a category first,” she explains. These products stood out at IFE 24, and Novo Farina aims to build on that success at the Plant Based World Expo by attracting more foodservice buyers to their stand.

Pea ProteinNovo Farina’s offerings are notable not only for their innovative approach but also for their commitment to quality and sustainability. “British made from 100% yellow peas, including pea protein isolate and pea flour, our products are clean-label and allergen-free,” Grubb emphasizes. These products are designed for convenience and can be added directly into sauces, hydrating on the spot, making them ideal for busy culinary settings.

The company’s mission at the expo is clear. They are keen to connect with a diverse range of professionals within the food industry. “We’re particularly eager to engage with foodservice distributors, both large and small. Our goal for 2024 is to expand our distribution channels to support the chefs and catering teams who are interested in our products,” says Grubb. Additionally, Novo Farina is looking to meet professional chefs who can creatively utilize their products in both plant-based and non-vegan dishes to enhance texture and flavor.

Food manufacturers also stand to benefit from Novo Farina’s textured pea proteins, which offer a lower environmental footprint compared to alternative ingredients on the market. Moreover, the ambient nature of these products makes them an excellent option for educational institutions such as schools and universities, where Novo Farina aims to make significant inroads.

For those attending the Plant Based World Expo Europe, visiting Novo Farina’s booth presents a unique opportunity to discover innovative solutions that marry culinary flexibility with environmental responsibility.

If you are a buyer interested in connecting with Novo Farina, reach out to Ellie Grubb, Marketing Manager at [email protected].