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Brand Stories: Chef-Quality Plant Meats Created for Foodservice


According to Mintel data, in the UK around 41% of consumers are either meat or poultry-free or are actively reducing meat and poultry consumption. With diners expecting more and better plant-based options, restauranteurs and caterers are increasingly seeking more appetising, hearty, and realistic meat-alternatives to satisfy the demands of not just vegans but, vegetarians, flexitarians, and reducitarians too.  

[MOCK]® is designed for those chefs, caterers, and consumers wanting more realistic and tastier plant-based meat options. They are focused on attracting (and already winning) those creating international cuisine such as South American, Pan Asian and Middle Eastern dishes. [Mock] is currently in UK restaurants Megan’s, Cocotte, Butchies and Moka and Boojum in Ireland.  

The enthusiastic appetite for the realistic cuts was evidenced by the repeat queues for [MOCK]® samples at the Plant Based World Expo in London, where the [MOCK]® Lamb won Best Whole Cut Product at the Plant Based Taste Awards. 

[MOCK]® CEO Harpreet Gill explains: “We create plant-based meat alternatives that are versatile and easy to cook. Our aim is to empower chefs to be more creative and go beyond convention, really wowing their customers with something completely new.” 

There are currently two ranges – naked and vegan fried chicken. The naked range includes lamb and chicken pieces. Their vegan fried chicken range includes a 100g fillet burger, popcorn chicken and chicken drumsticks, all triple battered in their signature spice blend and crunchy just like traditional fried chicken.  

[MOCK] have been collaborating with Irish high street restaurant, Boojum, for Veganuary this year. The Mexican chain have created the [MOCK]® Alt Pastor, described as smoky and sweet, with mild chilli heat. Rob Powell, Head of Operations at Boojum said of the collaboration: “[MOCK]® has been a fantastic product to experiment with. After months of product development and recipe refinement, we are confident that the [MOCK]® Alt Pastor is our best plant-based dish to date.” Customers have agreed, with social media response being strong and calls for the dish to remain a permanent feature on Boojum’s menu. 

All [MOCK]® products are Vegan Certified and deliver high levels of protein. Their products are available through foodservice distributors in the UK and Ireland and will soon also be available in the EU.  

 Like most of the foodservice industry [MOCK]®’s biggest challenge so far has been managing the pandemic period. Covid resulted in a complete foodservice shutdown, increasing stress on supply chains and adding to a huge rise in costs, which have been difficult to navigate. However, the product has proved extremely popular with early customers and the business has continued to thrive in downturn.  

To find out more visit or search for [MOCK] with distributors. Get in touch via [email protected] and follow them on socials: Instagram @mock_uk and LinkedIn [MOCK] 

Alice Grahame
Alice Grahame is a freelance writer based in London. She’s worked for the BBC, Guardian and various NGOs. She enjoys walking, allotment gardening and trying new plant-based dishes.