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Brand Stories: Captivating Meat Lovers With Plants

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At Plant-based World Expo Europe, Redefine Meat™ was noticeable for the constant queues for its signature new-meat and the look of deep satisfaction on the faces of those who’d sampled it.   

Redefine’s new-meat is very realistic. The creators have managed to produce bloody fibrous steaks with creamy marbling that mimics animal flesh and fat. Not only is the product different, so are the intended outlets. The company has focussed on capturing the meat market.  

Redefine Meat is already in nearly 1000 locations in Europe and Israel including steak houses, restaurants, and even butchers’ shops. Before serving Redefine Meat™, most of these outlets had never offered plant-based options.  

Redefine Meat is an Israeli company with offices in Israel, NL, Germany, and the UK. It was founded in 2018 by Eshchar Ben-Shitrit and Adam Lahav. It was funded by leading investors in the food tech and alternative proteins space. The company has around 300 staff. It is currently available in foodservice and from wholesalers in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, France and in foodservice and retail in Israel. All products are 100% vegan.  

CEO and Co-founder Eschar Ben-Shitrit explains that their products are designed with meat-lovers in mind: “A key difference between Redefine Meat and other companies is that most of the existing alternative-meat companies appeal to vegetarians and vegans. These two categories of consumers already follow a plant-based diet. Therefore, their environmental impact is limited. Redefine Meat, on the other hand, targets flexitarians and omnivores, giving them a viable, delicious alternative to traditional meat, and helping decrease its consumption – a step urgently needed in the fight against climate change. In the case of our premium cuts, they are the only product in this category in the market, replacing beef or other livestock cuts from the dish – and not competing with others on market share.”  

Since launching in 2021, the company has quadrupled its points of sale and launched another seven products. Today, Redefine Meat offers a portfolio of 13 products for foodservice, spanning beef, lamb, and pork. Eshchar Ben-Shitrit adds: “We are working hard on all fronts but also in a very structured and strategic way, expanding our product portfolio with items that answer the needs of local markets, reaching new countries together with local distributors and partners, and scaling a production facility in Best, Netherlands, to support our growth.”  

The founders are on a personal quest to create plant-based meat that appeals to non-vegans and non-vegetarians. They both came from business leadership roles in global tech companies. They brought to Redefined Meat their broad background in tech and innovation and a passion for good food and for the environment and a desire to tackle one of the most pressing problems of our time.  

Eschar Ben-Shitrit defines what drove the entrepreneurs: “We founded the company out of a passion for meat and a devotion to our planet. We love the experience of cooking and eating meat but are concerned about its environmental effects.  We searched for a way to continue enjoying great meat without harming animals and producing the environmental pollution that occurs in traditional meat production.”  

He continues: “From the beginning, we set our sights on creating new-meat that mimicked traditional meat across all five senses. We studied meat down to its tiniest components and then used advanced food and manufacturing technologies to replicate its behaviour using plant-based ingredients. This enabled us not just to launch a portfolio of minced products but also pulled beef and, most significantly, the world’s first commercially available premium cuts of plant-based meat – long considered technologically impossible. The best response is the wide acclaim by chefs, critics, and diners. Today, new-meat is proudly on the menu of top restaurants, in steakhouses, speciality caterers hundreds of other establishments that, until now, had not offered plant-based meat.” 

Redefine Meat has just released a Bratwurst and a new category of pulled meat: lamb, beef, and pork. They are gearing up to release the next version of their flank cuts and have the additional product in the pipeline.  

Recipes, tips, news, and updated locations can be found on The company’s website and digital channels Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok. They would love to hear from diners and industry experts with feedback, requests, or questions. So reach out if you would like to know more.  

Alice Grahame
Alice Grahame is a freelance writer based in London. She’s worked for the BBC, Guardian and various NGOs. She enjoys walking, allotment gardening and trying new plant-based dishes.